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How hot are the springs?

The Great Pagosa Aquifer, which is the source or "mother" spring as we like to call her, has a surface temperature of around 131˚ F.; much too hot for human exposure. The "thermal" layer of the spring lies about 45 feet below the surface of the spring, and the temperature at that level is around 144˚F.

How do you make the water bearable for humans?

The hot water is pumped via pipes to each soaking pool. The volume of water allowed into the pools determines the temperature of the pool initially. For example, if the water is allowed to enter the pool at a very fast rate the temperature of the water is hotter; likewise, the slower the water is allowed to fill the pool, the cooler the temperature will be.


Are there chemicals in the pools?

No. There is no need to put chemicals into the pool water because the water is constantly flowing into and out of each pool, allowing a complete "turn-over" of all the water in the pool approximately every 2 hours. Chemicals are typically added to swimming pools where the same water remains inside the pool structure in a more stagnant state. In addition to the constantly moving water through each pool, every pool on the Resort is drained and power-washed with an approved pool cleaning solution approximately 3 times every week.

The Springs Resort employs two full-time employees just to maintain the health and cleanliness of each of the 23 pools.


How do we know that the temperatures posted by each pool are accurate?

The Springs Resort Guest Services staff at the Bath House measures and records hourly each pool's temperature and posts the new temperature or confirms the posted temperature. Wind, rain, snow and number of visitors can cause the temperatures to fluctuate over the day, and we want our guests to know exactly what temperature they are entering.


Can you drink the hot spring water?

Many local residents and visiting Native Americans drink the hot mineral water. However, to the first time "drinker" the effects of just a small sip can cause an intense purgative effect on the intestinal system. We have been told by those who regularly drink the water that this reaction is due to the fact that the body instantly tries to "detoxify" the ill effects of modern day diet and stress. Eventually, the detoxification is complete and the body will not react in this manner.

High mineral content food supplements of any type have been know to cause a similar effect on the system, so caution is advised. The locals who do enjoy drinking the mineral water tell us that they allow it to stand in their refrigerator for 48 hours before drinking. The taste is similar to "Alka-Seltzer".  

I have high blood pressure, how will soaking affect my condition?

We strongly advise anyone with a medical condition to seek professional advice from their personal physician before deciding to soak in the warm waters. Many pools are of a low enough temperature that they could be considered of "bath water" warmth. However, long periods in high altitude sun can cause problems without even entering the waters. A physician's advice is always our recommendation.


Should I soak if I am pregnant?

Again, check with your personal physician before making that decision. Fluctuating external temperatures, especially heat, can have adverse affects on the unborn infant and only your physician can advise you on such an important question.



Can my children bring in water toys to play with in the pools?

No. Water toys, running, loud playing or splashing is not allowed in the soaking pools. While we encourage your children to enjoy their soaking experience, many other soaker's take the waters for their tranquil, relaxing benefits and we ask that you respect the quiet nature that we have tried to create in and around the soaking pools.

A full sized non-mineral water swimming pool was added spring of 2005 within the resort but secluded behind a tree-barrier to the north of the main bathhouse. The fresh water lap pool has a shallow depth of 3 feet to accommodate our younger visitors. This new area will be designed to entertain the more active family groups. A jacuzzi tub is located in the center of the swimming pool. 

Can we bring food and drink into the pools area?

Yes. However, no glass containers or outside alcohol are allowed in The Springs pool area. Alcohol is for sale at the Bathhouse with a valid I.D.


What if I don't have my bathing suit with me?

No, problem. We have a large number of men's women's and kids' suits for sale in the Bathhouse as well as nicely cleaned complimentary "loaner suits" that we can provide for you to borrow.


Can I wear my jewelry into the mineral water?

Silver jewelry will tarnish in the high sulfur content water, so we advise you to remove all silver jewelry. Some gold jewelry is silver beneath the gold, so we suggest you might wish to remove even that type of jewelry.


What happens if I wear my silver jewelry by accident?

The silver will tarnish, but can be buffed back to its shiny state by taking it to a jeweler. The jewelry can be polished with a special polishing cloth which we try to keep on hand, but a jeweler can do it much more easily. We have a gallery on Main Street who has offered to buff out your jewelry complimentary if you will just drop it by.


When are the high and low seasons at The Springs Resort?

Summer (Memorial Day - Labor Day) is the busiest time of the year.

Ski season (early November - April 1) is the second busiest time at the Resort.

We call Fall and Spring our "Spa Seasons", as the pace is less hectic and it makes for a wonderful time to relax, get in shape, revive, and pamper yourself.


Can we bring the family pet when we visit the Resort?

Well behaved pets are welcome on a limited basis in the hotel. However, no pets are allowed to enter the pools area. There are specifically designated "Pet-Friendly" rooms in the Standard rooms and some Deluxe rooms, but no pets are allowed in the Exoluxe Building or Suites.

All pets must be registered at the hotel desk. Pets are not to be left unattended in the hotel rooms. Pet owners will be asked to sign an agreement upon check-in which states that any violation of our Pet Policy will result in a minimum fine of $100 and/or removal of owner and pet from the hotel. Our goal is to accommodate our guests who wish to travel with their pets as long as it does not impact the comfort and accommodation of the other guests of the Resort.


Where can I smoke since you do not have Smoking in the hotel rooms?

Each hotel room opens to an outdoor deck or walkway where ash cans are strategically placed. We appreciate the courtesy of our smoking guests using these areas and cans instead of smoking in the rooms. There is now a large open deck area at the pools end of the Deluxe Building which is central to all buildings and overlooks the river and river walk foot bridge. We invite you to sit and enjoy the view and the activity.




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