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For centuries, visitors to the Great Pagosa Hot Springs have touted the miraculous curative powers of these ancient waters. The first published testiment to the healing benefits was written in 1890 by Dr. J. L. Weaver, U.S. Army Surgeon, following his experiences with several chronically ill soldiers brought to the spring for research study. Verbal testimonies began with Native American visitors from centuries past and continues today as visitors from all over the globe journey to these 10,000 year old waters seeking healing, relaxation, and rejuvenation.

As you step into these mineral rich waters, the various minerals and elements in the water are absorbed through the pores in your skin. The healing process is enhanced when the pores are opened by increased water intake prior to entering the mineral pools.

It is recommended that you soak for approximately 10 minutes a session, then cover yourself with a towel to sweat and cool. Fresh water should be consumed periodically while in the waters. While some may recommend the drinking of the waters, extreme caution should be taken as the unsettled minerals in the water have a powerful purgative effect. Locals who recommend the drink, suggest letting the water settle at least 48 hours prior to consumption and then proper decanting of the liquid must be observed.

Please follow these procedures when planning to soak...

- Shower before entering the pools
- Observe a reasonable time limit for your soak
- Drink fresh water - available at the Springs Bath House
- Do not use when alone
- Do not soak while under the influence of alcohol or drugs
- Elderly persons, use extra precaution
- No children under 14 may soak alone
- Remove all silver jewelry or be prepared to buff out tarnish

Please note: Long exposure may cause dizziness, nausea or fainting

About Our Water
(All units are in milligrams per liter unless otherwise noted.)

Sodium 790 Equivalent levels equal the salinity in sea water. Salt soaks have been known to relieve symptoms of arthritis.
Potassium 90 Normalizes heart rhythms; assists in reducing high blood pressure; eliminates body toxins; promotes healthy skin
Magnesium 25 Maintains normal heart rhythms; converts blood sugar to energy; maintains muscle tissue and hormone levels.
Silica 54 Strengthens bones, boosts the immune system; promotes healthy nerves, mucous membranes, hair, nails; used in treating acne and migraines
Chloride 180 Musculoskeletal benefits
Fluoride 4.3 Calcium fluoride is a constituent of the elastic fibers of the skin, the surface of bones and teeth. Promotes hardness and stability.
Arsenic 0.12 New studies report benefits for plasma and tissue growth.
Boron 1.8 Boosts brain activity; builds muscle mass; strengthens bones
Iron 0.08 Builds up the quality of blood; and increases resistance to stress and disease. Prevents fatigue and promotes good skin tone.
Lithium 2.9 Produces positive effects in mental balance and gastrointestinal conditions
Manganese 0.23 Helps nourish nerves and the brain; a catalyst in the breakdown of fats and cholesterol
Sulfate 1400 Rids the body of toxins; promotes health of bones, hair, nails, fluids in joints and vertebral discs; Sulfur is an anti-inflammatory.
Zinc 0.01 Antioxidant nutrient; promotes wound healing; maintains male hormone activity; aids in digestion



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